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Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

Dear Guest,

We are delighted to welcome you to our chalet and hope that you will have a pleasant stay. In booking your stay with SpahausMT, you agree to abide by all of the above terms and conditions during your stay at our chalet.

Check In/Check Out

Check-in time is 16:00 or later, and check-out time is 10:00 or earlier.  Late check-out will result in a fee of $50 per hour.

In order to deliver an exceptional experience to all guests, we require guests to adhere to a strict 10:00 check out time and 16:00 check in time (unless otherwise agreed to in writing). This allows the crews preparing the property for our next guest to have enough time to clean and showcase the property to the standard our guests expect.


The number of persons present (including adults and children) overnight or during the day shall not exceed the maximum number indicated on your booking. If a guest violates this provision, they will be deemed to have committed a breach of this Agreement and may be asked to vacate the Property (without refund) and/or charged an Additional Guest Fee of $150/per day.

Chalet Keys

The chalet keys must remain in the lockbox upon leaving the property at all times. To lock the chalet while indoors, you must use the keys to lock the door from inside. Lost keys will be subject to additional fees to replace all locks and keys of the property.


There shall be no more than two vehicles to be parked on the property at any time.

Parking more than two vehicles at any given time without prior authorization is strictly prohibited due to emergency safety concerns. Violation of this policy may result in immediate towing of the additional vehicles at the guest’s expense, along with additional fees for any associated administrative or towing costs incurred.


In adherence to the Tobacco Control Act (2016), smoking is strictly prohibited at Spahaus. All guests are asked to smoke outside by the firepit only; away from all buildings and structures. If guests must smoke, guests are responsible for the safe handling of their smoking trash.

SpahausMT utilizes an Minut system that monitors noise levels, carbon monoxide alarms, and smoke alarms throughout the chalet.

Any guests smoking inside any structure including in rooms and on balconies, will be subject to a smoking cleaning fee.

Open Flames

No open flame of any nature is allowed in or around the property. This may include but is not limited to candles and incense.

It is the guest’s responsibility to practice fire safety and follow appropriate fire advisories for the area. The property owners shall not be liable for any fines or charges resulting from guest activities. Guests shall be held financially responsible for any costs incurred for activities taking place over the course of their stay.


We love pets but want to ensure this space is safe for those with allergies and that all furnishings remain in excellent condition for our guests. Pets are not permitted at SpahausMT. Violation of the no-pet policy will incur a $750.00 fee. The exception is service animals with appropriate documentation. If you do plan to travel with a service animal or require other accessibility accommodations, you must inform us prior to booking.

Quiet Hours

Lac-Supérieur quiet hours begin at 21:00-08:00. Loud noise, loud music, loud voices, horseplay, and loitering are not permitted and can result in immediate eviction with no refund. Noise levels should be at an acceptable level as judged by our neighbours and management. If management receives a noise complaint, a warning will be provided to the guests. Receiving a second complaint will result in the guests being asked to leave SpahausMT and no refund will be given. Parties and events are not permitted.


Guests will be charged additional fees for damage to rooms, appliances, bedding, and any other in-room amenities as determined by management. Any items taken from the property, including, but not limited to, drinkware and serveware, bath amenities, and decorative items will be charged to the guest according to their current replacement retail value. 


The chalet will be cleaned before your arrival. There are no daily housekeeping services. Please leave the cottage in the same condition as it was upon your arrival. If excessive cleaning is required, an additional cleaning fee of $280 plus applicable taxes will be charged.

Housekeeping is provided upon extended stays beyond 10 days. This cleaning visit is included and mandatory.

Do not self-wash any bedding linens or bath towels. A replacement fee will be charged for all towels and bedding if they are washed by guests. Additional towels and linens can be available upon request or if there special service is needed, please contact us and we will make arrangements during your stay.

Security Surveillance

There are surveillance cameras installed outside of the property. These cameras are for security purposes and are meant to deter any potential intruders. We value your privacy and want to assure you that these cameras only monitor the exterior of the property. Access is limited to only incidents or complaints.

Payment & Cancellation

Full payment is necessary to gain access to the lock box and the precise property address. Policies concerning payment and cancellations will align with the booking source.


In making your booking to stay at SpahausMT, you take full responsibility for the safety and health of any guest you bring to the cabin. SpahausMT shall not be liable for any accident, medical incident or any direct or indirect damages caused to yourself or any visitors as a consequence of use. This includes damages, insurance, loss due to fire, theft, and misconduct.

All guests are reminded to use caution during their enjoyment of the property and surrounding areas and to familiarize themselves with the location of fire extinguishers and exits upon arrival.

Note: There is a significant slope south of the property.


I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, assigns, agents, or anyone else who may claim on my behalf, hereby release and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the landowner, all elected officials, officers, employees, agents, or anyone acting on behalf of the landowner from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, actions, causes of action, claims, demands, costs and expenses of every kind and nature whatsoever arising from my use of the cabin and related facilities including but not limited to liability for personal injury, sickness, disease, death, damage to property or loss of any kind and however caused, whether foreseen or unforeseen and whether arising out of or allegedly attributable to the negligence, acts, errors, omissions, misfeasance, nonfeasance, fraud or willful misconduct of the landowner, all elected officials, officers, employees, agents, or anyone acting on behalf of the landowner or any of them, in connection with or in any way related my use of the chalet and related facilities.